Friday, May 04, 2007

not been here for a while!

Been a wee while since I wrote anything for this, mainly because I had nothing much to say. Got really fed up with my PhD and kind of made up my mind to quit. Someone must have let my supervisor know because he got me more teaching work to do to get me back into the uni. I began to get my head back into it and now I am nearly at the end, which is proving to be the hardest bit of all. I am still regretting the lost time, though.
Last week it was all quite clear in my head what I wanted to write for my last main chapter, but this week ... it just won't come out.
Add to that, the fact I have suddenly become hooked on Shania Twain albums and can't get the woman's voice out of my head, and you just know things have taken a weird turn. Still, there are many more horrible things to have in your head than the gorgeous Shania Twain. Funny thing, though, except for a few songs that cross the boundary, I always had a dislike of country music, but for some bizarre reason it seems to soothe my fevered brow at the moment. Och, I suppose it's easy to listen to.
My poor MP3 player doesn't know what is going on: Pink Floyd, Led Zep, The Who, The Doors ... all gone and Shania says she's "keepin me forever and for always". Oooooo!
Jan gave me a funny look the other day as I "two-stepped" into the kitchen while listening to music on my MP3. She knows my normal musical taste and must have thought, "how you dosy-doh to shine on you crazy diamond?" Ah, stress ... isn't it a wonderful thing!
Oh well, need to get back to work, and thanks, Shania, you are correct I can only go UP from here!

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