Sunday, April 13, 2008

This latest flame!

Hi, been busy of late and not been able to write anything on the blog for a while. Working 2 part time jobs and a full time one is a bit tiring, though I did get out for a couple of beers with my cousin on Friday. Enjoyed it Tommy! Shame you couldn't make it Jim.

I have just read that China is a bit miffed at being demonised in the world. Just not fair, is it? Or is it? Let me think: 200,000 folk killed by government militias in Darfur in the last 4 years – that's nearly 1000 a week, not to mention the rapes, brutal beatings, starvation and severe injury, all of which could be stopped almost overnight by China, who have a great political influence on the affairs of Sudan ... if they wanted to. Ah, but why bother when the oil and money are pouring in? If it keeps the Sudanese government happy, just let them get on with it, eh? Why rock the gravy train?

Then, of course, there is the Tibet issue. Tibet, according to Fu Ying, the Chinese ambassador to London, is a "land "loved" by the Chinese people". Of course they love it, that's why they invaded it and made it part of their own Motherland! As you would imagine, Tibet is a land "loved" even more by the Tibetants themselves and they probably wish China would love it from afar.

"Many of those who protest have probably not been to Tibet", says Fu Ying. Of course we haven't, China makes it difficult for anyone to go visit there.

We need to be honest here, China is a country with a very poor human rights record, and it rings hollow when people who should know better bemoan the protests during the Olympic flame jaunts around the world. "It is a symbol of peace and unity", they cry, "it should be respected!"

Absolutely, my very thoughts on it too!

That's why countries with dreadful human rights records should never be allowed to hold up such a beacon, and hide their atrocities behind it. Shame on the Olympic Committee for allowing that to happen!

Keep politics out of sport, they cry. Jeez ... let me think ... sport = money => money = business => the business of money is ... "politics"! Ergo, sport "is politics", always has been, always will be!

Now we've got that straight, let us not talk of it again. Keep drugs out of sport ... now that's worth shouting about. When they sort that one out the olympics might just be worth watching.

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