Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Back

Oh, Well ... it's been so long I'd forgotten how to log on and upload a new message. This week I quit all my job(s) at the university and have taken up a temporary post down in Culzean (pronounced Culane) Country Park in Ayrshire in Scoltand. Kinda glad to be gone from the Uni as it was obvious there was no real job for me there just scraps ... I had hung around far too long ... it was full time commitment for part time wages.

Anyway, a new start, and who knows where it'll go. It will be a busy job, but I am sure I will enjoy it -- I like being busy. Culzean's a very beautiful place too and it also has plenty of wildlife so I have bought myself a new digital slr camera and hope to take some really nice photos while out and about.

I want to maximise my experience during my six months in the country park so I have decided to write a nature diary throughout my time there. Though, I expect the first few entries to be "...too tired, will write tomorrow". Oh Well, what would you expect from a chubby like me. The hope is, of course that by the end of my stint I will have walked off much of the chubbiness and have become a lean, mean eco-machine ... sorry, that was a bit over the top there.

I will be working again with my pal, Heather, (aka Chainsaw Charlie to those who know her well) -- it will be good to be working with Heather again, she's an excellent person. We went to uni together, and class discussions could be quite lively, to say the least, when Heather and I disagreed (which was quite often). Coffee and chocolate afterwards usually sorted us out -- of course, I was always right!

Well, this was just a quick note to get me back onto the blog again. Got to go and pack now.

You can have a listen to some music while you work or browse by clicking on my music link in the column to the right. Just keep this tab open.

speak soon


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