Thursday, March 23, 2006


me again. still messing around with this blog thing ... profile etcetera.
I know this blogger thing is an american invention, but why is that internet folk, when they make up those country list things, you know the ones, click the dropdown menu and a list of countries appear, well, why is that Scotland isn't included in these?
Scotland is a sovereign country in it's own right, but is also part of Britain (I'm a republican so I prefer to call the United Kingdom Britain). It may not seem very important, but it does become a bit annoying when folk have no idea where Scotland is. Far too many people around the world have come to think of England as the UK. An American once told me that: "Scotland, that's in England, isn't it?" To which I replied: "America, that's in Canada, isn't it?" D'you know he just thought I didn't know where America was, I couldn't be bothered explaining.
Anyway, it would be good if we could get all three countries in the British Isles: Scotland, England, Wales, and the Province of Northern Ireland included in their own right on these lists. I am even happy to have (UK) after it.
I know what this might sound like, but I do quite like the English, I just prefer to be Scottish especially when we beat England at Rugby. However, since our football team is about number 300 in world ranking these days, there's not much chance of beating them at that!


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